CARGO – 2018

Screenplay: Peppino Sciortino – Miriam Rizzo

Director:  Peppino Sciortino

Producer: Peppino Sciortino

Co – Producer:Jürgen Weishäupl


Cargo is a road movie about a merchant ship, but also a sort of inner journey for each passenger.
Five artists: two actors, a choreographer, a composer and a filmmaker want to organize a traveling festival of the arts that follows the route of the ship, all the cities they encounter along the route are the places chosen for the event.
But during the journey unexpected things happen, in Setubal disappear the two actors, Sabino and Manuela, the rest of the group realizes it too late, the ship has already sailed to Bristol.
The three remained on board begin to investigate the disappearance of their friends and they suspect that somehow the captain and the crew are responsible for their disappearance.
After a few days of sailing in the Atlantic Ocean, arrived in Bristol, Luca, Peppino and Emma discover the truth about the disappearance of the two actors, much less overwhelming than as the three imagined.
The three went back on board, continue the journey with a new perspective.

in Pre – Production